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Welcome To The Fantastical World of superted and friends...

Welcome to the ultimate superted fan site. I promise you'll never want to leave! Its time to cast your mind back to the world of eighties nostalgia where no political correctness exists and superhero's appear in the form of bears with secret words and magical powers.

So lets get started. To begin your adventure click on a link from the navigation above or scroll down to read a little introductory info on superted himself.

Superted Portfolio

Name : Superted (we have no idea what he was called before he was sprayed with cosmic dust!)

Age : 19 (this is just an estimation based on hair samples found in the spotty chamber!)

DOB : 03/08/84

Address : A big big planet, far far away

Blood Type : A/B negative

Secret Word: "Time to say my secret magic word..." (nobody knows exactly what it is)

Allies: Spotty Man, Spotty Woman (anything Spotty). Not forgetting Mother Nature who gave him his special powers.

Enemies : Bulk, Texas Pete, Skeleton



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