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Characters: Spotty ManSuperted Character Profiles: Texas Pete

characters: texas pete

Texas Pete Profile

Name: Texas Pete

Age: 52

Place of Birth: Planet Earth

Likes: Chilli

Dislikes: Mexicans

characters: texas pete

Personal Info

Nicknamed Tex, he is the 'brains' behind all the plans that sadly go wrong. With a comical accent and obscure attacks towards Superted, he always ends up on his knees begging for mercy.

Texas Pete is a stereotypical bad guy who never has a successful plan.

It is unknown why Texas Pete is evil or why he doesn't like Superted. All we know is that he is a mentally deranged cowboy who is very qualified to travel through space but knows jack about horse riding.

What is the world coming to?


Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How come he is foiled when Superted throws a cake at him?
  2. Why doesn't he wise up and shoot the teddy bear?
  3. How did he meet a fat man and a camp skeleton?
  4. So many years outside of Texas, why still the accent?
  5. Does he own a razor?
  6. Is he a real cowboy or a member of the village people? (would explain the camp skeleton)
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