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Characters: Spotty ManSuperted Character Profiles: Spotty Man

Spotty Man

Spotty Man Profile

Name: Spotty Man

Age: Research estimates 32!

Place of Birth: Planet Spot

Likes: Spots

Dislikes: Stripes

Spotty Man 2

Personal Info

Spotty Man is portrayed as quite a lonely uneducated character, simple if you like. But where did he come from? Where is Planet Spot? Research suggests that it is located in the opposite the Planet Stripe - its rival planet.

Superted looks after Spotty Man during his adventures. As you will see within the video clips section, this is easier said than done.

Spotty plays an important part in Superted. In fact if it wasn't for him, there wouldn't be a Superted. His role at the beginning of the series was to bring Superted to life after finding him in an abandoned basement. See Superted's profile for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why is Spotty, spotty?
  2. What was his cosmic dust?
  3. If he was so unintelligent, how come he brought superted to life?
  4. Why does he speak with an RP accent?
  5. How come Spotty's space ship was in the shape of a bear?
  6. Can his head sweep the floor as well?
  7. Why yellow - does he have a complexion problem?
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