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Characters: Spotty ManSuperted Character Profiles: Skeleton

characters: skeleton

Skeleton Profile

Name: Skeleton

Age: Research estimates 202!

Place of Death: Neptune

Likes: A Good Bone Structure

Dislikes: Washing Up

characters: skeleton

Personal Info

Now this is a character we will never forget. Possibly the funniest, caring evil sidekick ever.

He stars in many of the superted episodes, dressed up as a woman of some kind. Obviously today this would scare many children (and probably conflict with some law).

The funniest episode, in my opinion, is when skeleton refuses to do the washing up because he wanted to keep his hands silky soft. What were the writers thinking of?

Skeleton has no known family and lives with Tex. His duty is to create diversions, often by masquerading as a woman or by attempting to put the wool over Superted's eyes.

Skeleton accompanied with bulk and tex make the oddest trio ever.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. When he eats, where does it go?
  2. How did BBC dare to put such a person on telly for children?
  3. How did he die?
  4. Did Spotty bring him back to life?
  5. Why dress up as a woman?
  6. Does skeleton use the toilet?
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