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Episode Guide Series 3 Superted Episode Guide - Series 3

Episode Title
Episode Description

1.Superted And The Great Horrendo

Unspecified British pier
Texas Pete poses as the Great Horrendo, a seaside magician, to steal children's valuables. Skeleton is the female assistant. This episode won a BAFTA award in 1986/7!
2.Superted And Trouble In Space: Part One Space Station & environs
Spotty's family are coming to visit. Superted check's on a broken satellite. Spotty's sister Blotch is lost in space, Texas Pete takes over the space station, and Superted is left drifting in space.
3.Superted And Trouble In Space: Part Two Space Station & environs
Spotty's parents rescue SuperTed, and head to the space station. They are soon tied up by Tex and sent hurtling towards the Sun, where Blotch is also heading. Clichéd rhetorical question: will SuperTed regain his memory in time?
4.Superted In Chinatown Hong Kong
Texas Pete, Bulk and Skeleton attempt to break into the bank, but instead blow a hole in a restaurant kitchen, where Spotty and SuperTed are eating. Spotty loses his patience with SuperTed for constantly criticising him.
5.Superted Goes To Texas Texas
Superted is called to Texas, where a nostalgic Texas Pete is cattle rustling.
6.Superted Goes Round The Bend Unspecified seaside town
SuperTed has bought a car in order to teach Spotty to drive. But the car, is leaking brake fluid and is stolen by Texas Pete as a getaway for his bank robbery.
7.Superted And The Rattlesnake Space Station, unspecified American city
To get Tex out of his depression at always being beaten by Superted, Bulk and Skeleton steal a snake for him but Superted finds out.
8.Superted's Dream Space Station, fictional Texas town
Superted is woken when Spotty locks himself out of the space station. Superted scolds Spotty. Superted dreams that Spotty never saved him from the scrap heap and that Texas Pete did. Married to Skeleton, he gives the ordinary teddy to their son, baby Bulk to play with.
9.Superted And The Crystal Ball Tree house, unspecified forest
Texas Pete steals a gypsy's crystal ball, and poses as a crooked fortune teller. SuperTed tracks him down. Tex, in disguise, gives SuperTed a disturbing false prediction, in which he is executed by Mother Nature for crimes against nature.
10.Superted And The Whales Space Station, North Wales & nearby sea
SuperTed aids a beached whale in North Wales, and follows him to his family, the target of Texas Pete's whaling venture.
11.Superted Meets Father Christmas Tree house, unspecified regions of the British Isles
Texas Pete poses as Father Christmas, in order to steal children's presents. SuperTed is called by a victim, and looks into the problem, meeting the real Father Christmas on the way. A violent episode, where we see a child being whacked, a man being attacked and having his hair torn out, and SuperTed being painfully whipped.
12.Superted And Tex's Magic Spell Unspecified tropical island
Texas Pete steals Superted's beloved spotted teddy bear, and performs voodoo magic on it.
13.Superted And The Magic Word: Part One Tree house & environs, New York
Superted's tree house is bugged while he is out on a prank call. Bulk is able to hear Superted's secret magic word.
14.Superted And The Magic Word: Part Two Tree house & environs, New York
Texas Pete and Superted try to track down the new, airborne Super Bulk, while Skeleton tries to get his arm back from a vicious seagull.
15.Spotty And The Indians Space, Tree house, North America
Spotty's rocket gets the staggers and crashes as he is sending out an SOS. Spotty comes across a spotted tribe of Native Americans.


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