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Episode Guide Series 2 Superted Episode Guide - Series 2

Episode Title
Episode Description

1.Superted At The Fun Fair

Space Station, fun fair
Whilst Spotty is ill it is up to SuperTed to help reunite a mother with her son, who is lost at a funfair. Once again Texas Pete Kidnapped him.
2.Superted And The Goldmine
Tree house, Africa
Texas Pete takes over a goldmine. An accident takes place and Superted fails to hear the SOS signal.
3.Bulk's Story
Unspecified rocky plain, unspecified prison, marshland, graveyard
Tex, Bulk and Skeleton all take time off to relax round the campfire. As they do, Bulk relays a story of how the terrible trio came together.
4.Superted At The Toy Shop
Tree house, unspecified American city
Superted uses his super video monitor to detect trouble in a toy shop. He arrives to find out Tex has burgled the place.
5.Superted In The Arctic

An Eskimo cries out for Superted's help because of Texas Pete hunting Wooly Mammoths.

6.Superted And The Gun Smugglers
SuperTed takes a beach holiday. Texas Pete is smuggles arms in an underwater hideout with his submarine.
7.Superyted And The Lumberjacks
Tree house, unspecified forest, lake
SuperTed is warned of excessive logging being carried out by Texas Pete, that is threatening wildlife habitats.
8.Superted And Mother Nature
Tree house & environs, Mother Nature's Cloud
Texas Pete finds Mother Nature's magic cloud.He takes over the weather controls.
9.Superted And The Pothole Rescue
Superted and Spotty travel underground to help a trapped soul. Spotty is injured.
10.Superted Kicks Up The Dust
Tree house, Arabia
Spotty donates cosmic dust to an Arabian museum. Texas Pete steals it.
11.Superted And The Gorilla
Unspecified jungle
The villains have captured a gorilla as a moneymaking sideshow, but Superted isn't standing for it.


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