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Episode Guide Series 1 Superted Episode Guide - Series 1

Episode Title
Episode Description

1.Supersafe with Superted

Planet Spot, Cardiff
Superted Takes Spotty to ^ to teach him about road safety.
2.Superted And The Stolen Rocket
Rocket station, Space
Superted and Spotty follow (in the Spotty Rocket) Tex, Bulk and Skeleton, who steal the fastest rocket on Earth.
3.Superted And The Inca Treasure
South America
Superted makes a promise to a museum curator to rescue treasure from a temple but Tex beats them to it.
4.Superted And The Elephant's Graveyard
Texas and his friends try to steal ivory from the graveyard. Superted comes to save the day.
5.Superted And The Train Robbers
Unspecified snowy mountains
Texas Pete tries to steal a train whilst Superted is teaching Spotty who to ski.
6.Superted And The Giant Kites
Superted is called to the rescue when Texas Pete is found stealing kite eggs from nests in Whales.
7.Superted And The Pearl fishers
Texas Pete is forcing islanders to fish for pearls.
8.Superted And The Nuts In Space
Planet Polly, space
Texas Pete hijacks a brazil nut shipment on its way from Earth to the planet Polly (inhabited by parrots). SuperTed to the rescue.
9.Superted And The City Of The Dead
Space Station, Egypt
The three baddies, attempt to rob a cursed temple. Too their doom.
10.Superted And The Creepy Castle
Space Station, castle
Superted is called in to save the day when a young girl claims her father has been kidnapped in a haunted house. It turns out to be Texas Pete who uses the house to stash treasure.
11.Superted On Planet Spot
Space, Planet Spot

Superted is staying with Spotty's family on planet Spot, Texas Pete visits the planet to steal cosmic dust, intending to use its powers to resurrect Billy The Kid. But when his rocket crashes, Skeleton is scattered wide and far, and Bulk kidnaps Spotty's sister, Blotch.


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