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Characters: Spotty ManSuperted Character Profiles: Bulk

Characters: Bulk

Bulk Profile

Name: Bulk

Age: Research estimates 20!

Place of Birth: Planet Earth

Likes: Food

Dislikes: Empty Food Packets

characters Bulk, Tex, Skeleton

Personal Info

Bulk does not play an exciting role within Superted. He is a typical member of the 'evil trio' who is portrayed as useless, stupid and a tad simple.

Bulk tags a long with Texas Pete and Skeleton, who are the bad guys, although his role when making Superted's life a misery, appears to be eating his way through the galaxy.

His most exciting moment was when he guessed superted's magic word and obtained his magical powers. He later forgot!

What more can I say? A lovable, comical character who adds to the excitement of Superted's Adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why does he eat so much?
  2. When does he stop?
  3. How come Tex doesn't get some accomplices that are actually intelligent?
  4. How come he knew Superted's Magic Word?
  5. Is bulks character mocking earthlings?
  6. Would such character names be allowed in modern day cartoons? (i think not!)
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